Instawork is committed to creating a positive experience for both Instawork Professionals and Partners at every gig and we take low ratings on both sides very seriously. Occasionally, Partners give a low rating to Instawork Professionals who didn’t quite meet their expectations. 

When you get a 1-star or 2-star rating and your average rating becomes < 3.5, you'll be temporarily unable to book new gigs until we have a chance to review your account. 

Here’s what to expect: 

1- You won't be able to book new gigs.

2- Contact Support immediately to let us know what happened during the gig and the reasons why you think you got a low rating. 

3- We will evaluate the issue and let you know if we can unlock your Instawork account. 

Commonly asked questions:

1- What will happen to gigs I've booked with the Partner that rated me 1-2 stars?

Those gigs will be canceled and you won’t see any gigs with that business in the future. 

2- What will happen to gigs I've already booked with other Instawork Partners? 

You will still be able to work those gigs that you already booked with other Partners. You just won’t be able to book any new gigs until you call us. 

3- What happens to payments from previous gigs I worked, including the gig I got low ratings for? 

You will still get paid for all the gigs you worked, regardless of ratings, on the regular weekly payment schedule. 

4- Once I contact Instawork, how soon will I be able to book gigs again? 

If your account is unlocked, you will be able to book new gigs right away. 

5- Will this temporary suspension count against me? 

Your average ratings are always impacted by low ratings and you may lose your Gold status if your average rating drops below 4.5. However, there will be no additional penalties once your account is unlocked.

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