Our goal is to create economic opportunities for both our Professionals and our Partners. We can accomplish this by being accountable, and employing empathy, trust and candor.

When we cancel last minute, don't show up, or arrive late, we might lose opportunities for both Partners and Professionals. It is important that we be mindful and aware of how our actions have an impact on the people around us. 

To hold ourselves accountable, below are some guidelines you should consider when planning your gig schedules.

Additions to this policy as noted here, will go into affect May 21st, 2019.

Arriving late to a gig

  • You will not be paid until you officially clock in and start your shift
  • Clocking in more than 15 minutes late qualifies as a major tardy. More than one major tardy within 30 days will result in account suspension for 14 days (unable to book new gigs)
  • The Partner may also give a low rating or ask that you not return to their business

Cancellations more than 24 hours before a gig

  • Increases cancellation rate
  • Current gigs remain on your account 
  • New gig booking still available
  • Makes you ineligible to earn Instawork Gold for the coming month (see FAQ)

Frequent cancellations

  • More than 2 cancellations (even outside of 24 hour window) within 30 days will result in a 14 day suspension
  • New gig booking unavailable
  • Current gigs remain on your account

Cancellation within 24 hours of a gig

  • Increases cancellation rate
  • Suspension until further review
  • New gig booking unavailable 
  • More than 1 under 24 hour cancel may result in permanent deactivation

No 24 hour confirmation within 12 hours in the app

  • Counts as an under 24 hour cancel
  • Increases cancellation rate
  • 10 day suspension
  • New gig booking unavailable
  • More than 1 missed confirmation may result in permanent deactivation

No-show to a gig

  • Removal from all upcoming gigs
  • Permanent account deactivation

Submitting an appeal
If you’d like to appeal a suspension or deactivation, please contact customer support with your reasoning and attach relevant documentation as evidence (e.g. doctor's note, proof of car repair, jury summons). Please allow a couple of weeks for us to review and respond to your appeal.

As much as we try to avoid incidents we've included here, Instawork does reserve the right to deactivate accounts if our quality standards are not being met.

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