It is sometimes necessary to change the the hours of a completed Professionals shift as they may have started earlier, worked later, or had a different length of break than scheduled.

Our Partners are allowed to adjust shift start times by 2 hours earlier or later and end times by 1 hour earlier or 2 hours later. Additionally, the length of the break can be adjusted up to 1 hour. Any adjustments will affect the Professional's payment, so this feature must be used with care, and accuracy. If the adjustments that you need to make are outside of the ability to make within your dashboard, please reach out to us at

How to Adjust Shift and Break times: 

Within your company dashboard, go the specific shift by going to 'Past shifts'. Look for the Professional that needs their hours to be adjusted and click 'Edit'. Note: Shifts must be adjusted by Mondays so that it will be accurately reflected in your invoice.

  • FOR SHIFT TIMES: set a start and end time¬†

  • FOR BREAKS: set break length

  • Click Submit when you are finished

Click on "Done".

Refresh the page and you'll see the hours and pay adjust accordingly.

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