We’ve heard that Pros appreciate get paid quicker! Now, for select gigs, we’re allowing you to get your earning within a few hours of completing your shift. This means you'll be able to have a little more cash in your pocket sooner.

When you complete a gig with Instapay, you’ll have the option to receive your earnings on your debit card within hours. 

Note: Instapay is not available on every gig. Look out for the label on a gig to see which gigs are eligible!

How it works:

  • Book a gig with the Instapay label
  • After you book, you’ll enter your debit card information. This is the only way you can receive your earnings this quickly. 
  • After you clock out of the gig, we’ll process the shift. You should see the earnings in the bank account tied to your debit card within a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to add my debit card? Unfortunately, this is the only way we can process payment within a few hours. Using ACH / bank accounts typically takes a few more days.
  • Can I get paid instantly for gigs I've worked in the past? Unfortunately, no. You can only get Instapay on gigs that have an Instapay label and after you have entered your debit card info.
  • Will a prepaid card work? Unfortunately, no. You will need to have a debit card.
  • I didn’t have time to add my debit card information. Is there a way to add my debit card after the fact? Unfortunately, not right now. But you'll be able to do so soon!
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