Instawork’s pay period cycles on a weekly basis, Monday - Sunday. Money earned from the week prior will be issued to the bank account on your profile every Tuesday. Funds will be deposited into your account no later than Friday. Learn how to set up your bank account

When you sign up on Instawork and work gigs, you’re working as an independent contractor and should file a 1099 tax form to report your earnings and pay the appropriate taxes.

There are a couple of exceptions: 

  • W-2 gigs: on Instawork, you also have the opportunity to work W-2 gigs (read more about W2 gigs here) where you are working through a staffing provider. For those gigs, the taxes are deducted before payment and we run payments on Wednesdays for work completed the prior Monday through Sunday. You should expect your payment to be directly deposited to your account by Friday evening.
  • Instapay: this feature allows Professionals to receive their earnings within a few hours of completing their gigs instead of it being included in your weekly payments. Read about Instapay here. 

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