When we cancel a gig, we might lose opportunities for ourselves and other professionals. It is important that we be mindful and aware of how our actions have an impact on the people around us. 

Cancellations more than 24hrs

While businesses are counting on you to show up, we know that sometimes life happens and you need to cancel the gig. If you are unable to make the gig, cancel the gig as early as possible so that there is time to make alternative arrangements. 

You can cancel a gig directly from your app by selecting the gig from  Gigs tab > My gigs  and selecting the “I can’t make it” option.

Each cancellation reflects negatively toward the rating on your account. More than 2 cancellations within 30 days will result in a 14-day suspension. During that time period, you cannot book any new gigs.

Note: More than 1 cancellation within 24 hrs will result in account deactivation.

No Shows

If you can no longer make the gig, please cancel through the app so we can find the business a replacement. 

You can cancel a gig directly from your app by selecting the gig from Gigs tab > My gigs and selecting the “I can’t make it” option.

No shows prevent all parties from fixing your cancellation. Therefore, a no-show will result in permanent account deactivation and you will be removed from upcoming gigs.


For urgent matters, you can reach our support team in the app.

All cancellations regardless of emergency will be investigated. Make sure you can provide proper documentation as proof of the emergency. 

Submitting an appeal

Instawork is always willing to hear a reasonable appeal if there happened to be certain circumstances.

If you wish to appeal, submit your case to customer service. You will need to provide appropriate documentation to justify appeal (e.g. doctor’s note, police report, etc..). Please allow a couple of weeks for the review of your appeal.

*Instawork does reserve the right to deactivate any account if work is unsatisfactory.

Read more about our cancellation policy here.

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