Instawork Professionals who work 1099 gigs will have Occupational Accident Insurance during their gigs. Please note that this only applies to gigs that are booked with the Instawork app. Work outside of the Instawork platform is not covered.

In the event of an accident during a gig with Instawork, here's what you need to do:  

1 - Seek treatment
You may go to a clinic or hospital of your choice. We encourage you to visit one of the following clinics because they're familiar with Blue Star claims, return-to-work and billings. 

Give the following information to the medical providers upon arrival at a clinic or hospital:

Insurance provider: Blue Star
Coverage and Billing questions:
Phone: 480‐579‐2501
Fax: 480‐579‐2476

Billing Address:
Blue Star Claims/U.S. Fire Insurance Co.
21001 North Tatum Blvd., Suite 1630‐646
Phoenix, AZ 85050

2 - Report all injuries to Blue Star: 

Phone: 480-579-2501
Blue Star Claims Management
21001 North Tatum Blvd., Suite 1630-646
Phoenix, AZ 85050

You may visit our website for any and all questions:

Email questions or claims to:

3 - Contact Instawork Reach out to us via the app to let us know you've been injured and let us know if you have questions about your options and insurance coverage. For non-urgent injuries: 

  • Report the injury to Blue Star within 20 days of incident. You can do it on‐line at, over the phone (480) 579‐2501 or via email: 
  • Receive treatment for your accident/injury within 90 days of incident.
  • Submit the completed claim forms to Blue Star Claims Management. 
  • Submit medical notes as requested by Blue Star Claims Management for disability payments. Your doctor needs to certify your off work status, he can simply fill out a prescription pad note if necessary.
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