At Instawork, we work hard to earn our Professionals' and Partners' trust every day. Our team's top priorities are to identify and resolve challenges that will impact our community's trust in Instawork and safety while using our platform, and working gigs.

Our mission is to reduce the risk of any threats to your well-being as well as enforce our Community Guidelines, which are the standards that all of us - including the Instawork team - must engage with our colleagues, business partners, and professionals. Our guidelines were created to be inclusive and encourage everyone using Instawork to feel safe, respected, and welcomed in their working environment. Abiding by our Community Guidelines enables our community to be successful, and trust that while using our platform and working gigs their safety is a top priority.

Any violations of our Community Guidelines will be subject to review, and dismissal from the Instawork platform.

We are actively taking measures to protect your well-being and educate our community on health standards and safety precautions that can be utilized before, during, and after working a gig.

Health and Safety Training

This one-time training is required and must be completed before a Professional is able to book gigs via the Instawork app. Once completed, our professionals will receive a safety badge that will be visible on their public profile.

Health Checklist

24 hours before the start of a booked gig, professionals must complete a series of questions to determine their health status and potential risk. If identified as at-risk, the Professional will be removed from any scheduled gigs and their account will be placed on an administrative hold until we receive verifiable documentation and proof of health. It's critical to carefully answer these questions before confirming every booked gig.

COVID Precautions

Instawork encourages our business partners and working professionals to follow the guidelines advised by the CDC, and if there is potential for exposure of COVID-19, our Operations team is trained to respond in less than an hour with measures to ensure your health and safety is not compromised.

Incident Reporting

Instawork has developed a heightened awareness of health and safety concerns as well as sensitivity to unfair treatment in the working environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any discrimination, harassment, or criminal activity reported by a Partner or Professional. We have developed a reporting process to ensure we receive the most accurate information and follow appropriate steps to resolve an incident that has occurred before, during, or after a gig.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Community Operations team via the app by pressing "?" to start a conversation.

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