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Updating your vaccination status on Instawork
Updating your vaccination status on Instawork

How Instawork Professionals can upload their vaccination status in-app

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You can now update your vaccination status on Instawork by uploading your vaccination certificate. This will be considered a self-declaration and not proof of vaccination. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login to the Instawork app and go to the certificate section in the profile tab, or click this link if you are reading this article on your phone

  2. Tap on 'Vaccination Certificate

  3. Upload a photo of your vaccination card clearly showing the vaccination date

  4. Our community team will review and approve the vaccination certificate

  5. You are still expected to carry the vaccination card to the venue so they can verify the vaccination card in-person


Why do I need to upload my vaccination certificate?

At Instawork, we are committed to the health and safety of our partners and professionals. Starting October 2021, some U.S states and our partners operating there will be requiring proof of vaccination in order to work. We want to make sure that you have the most opportunities available, and that going to work is as seamless as possible.

What are the benefits of updating my vaccination status?

Fully vaccinated Instawork Professionals will

  • Continue to work shifts and will not be required to quarantine if they come in contact with other infected pros, which means more earning opportunities for everyone

  • Have access to shifts from Partners who want to comply with fully vaccinated on-premise staff

  • Will no longer be required to complete health attestation before every shift

Is my vaccination information safe with Instawork?

At Instawork, data privacy and security are a top priority. We ensure that any information stored by Instawork complies with the highest security standards and protocols in the industry.

I have uploaded my vaccination certificate. How long does it take for it to be approved?

Our community team is working round the clock to ensure that all certificates are reviewed as soon as possible. Usually, approvals will be very quick, but in some cases, it may take up to 48 hours.

Why was my vaccination certificate rejected?

Our community team regularly reviews all vaccination certificates to ensure that we maintain the most up-to-date and accurate vaccination status of tall our professionals. Our community team might reject a vaccination certificate if

  • Either 'name' or 'date of vaccination' is not clearly visible in the uploaded photo

  • The name on the certificate does not match with the profile name in the Instawork app

  • The image uploaded is poor quality, not legible, or has been tampered with

I'm vaccinated but don't have a vaccination certificate

In this case, you should self-identify yourself as vaccinated when you book a shift. Partners may still require you to produce some proof of vaccination. Unfortunately, if you show up to work and the partner finds your proof unacceptable, you may be turned away from the shift. You can reach out to your vaccination provider to see if you can obtain documentation of your vaccination.

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