If you referred a friend for a referral bonus, first - thank you. You've helped your friend and an Instawork Partner in need.

When do I get my Bonus?

Once your referral has successfully completed the required number of shifts, you will typically receive your bonus within 2 weeks.

Why does it take that long?

It takes a bit of time to verify that your referral worked the necessary shifts. After that, the Instawork system schedules a bonus to be paid out with your next regular payment. Since many payments happen on a weekly schedule, and it might take the system a bit of time to update, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your bonus. Usually it's faster.

How can I make sure that my referral was recorded correctly?

Referral bonuses can vary based on region, job, and timing. Usually, when you refer a friend you will see some terms and conditions like the below.

So the first thing to make sure is that these conditions were followed. Some referral bonuses have a validity on them - so in the above example, if you referred your friend on Oct 11, you may not be eligible for the bonus.

When you refer someone, they will show up on your referral tracker under the Refer a Friend section in the app. Initially, they will show up as Pending, and you'll see the status update once they successfully complete the required shifts. If you can see them in that section, then you can rest assured that it's being tracked and you will get credit.

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