Expired Referrals

Learn more about referral terms and conditions and expiration

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My referral says it’s expired. What does that mean?

When you send a referral, the referral reward is is subject to terms and conditions based on the date it was sent. Usually, your friend needs to complete a required number of shifts by a specific date to qualify for the reward. When that date passes, your referral will expire.

Let's say you refer a friend on July 1, and the terms and conditions say that she has until August 15 to work 1 shift to qualify for the referral reward. This referral will "expire" on August 16.

Where can I find the expiration date for my referral reward?

When you send a referral, you'll see the referral terms and conditions on the refer a friend section of the app. You also can view the terms and conditions by clicking on "i" in the top right of the referrals screen.

Why do referral rewards expire?

Referral rewards are a way to say "thank you" for contributing to the Instawork community. Sometimes, referral rewards change based on market conditions, and they will expire accordingly.

Can my referral still sign up for Instawork?

Of course! We encourage everyone to join and gain access to flexible work :)

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