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Health & Safety vaccination policies for Instawork Partners
Health & Safety vaccination policies for Instawork Partners

How Instawork helps businesses comply with vaccination mandates and other policies

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Vaccination mandates are becoming a more common health safety policy to protect the working community from COVID-19. This article outlines how Instawork can help you comply while booking staff through the platform.

What are the vaccination mandates?

Mandates vary on a local, state, and federal level. Please check your local health safety center on the latest policy. Two upcoming mandates include:

  • New York City: Starting Dec 27, 2021, private businesses in New York City will need workers to provide proof of vaccination to work in the workplace (source)

  • Nationwide: Starting Jan 4, 2021, private employers with 100 or more employees will be required to record proof or vaccination or conduct weekly testing (source)

How Instawork helps businesses comply with health safety policies

We understand that it's hard to stay on top of the evolving health safety policies. Here are some ways we help businesses comply with policies and work safely with Instawork Professionals.

  • In-app verification: Instawork Professionals can upload their vaccination cards in the app. We review each card to ensure they received the complete vaccination (excludes booster shot). To confirm if a Pro has been vaccinated, click on a Pro's profile:

  • Add the requirement in the shift description: Instawork Professionals must follow work requirements stated in your shift details, so if you require vaccinations, please clearly state your requirement upfront.

  • Set as a requirement: If you require every Instawork Professional to be vaccinated before booking your shift and cannot accommodate any vaccine exemption, you can request to set a "special requirement". This feature is available for shifts greater than 10 Professionals with 5-day advance notice. Please contact your account manager for more information.

  • Rapid response contact tracing: If your business has a COVID-19 outbreak, please contact support at asap, so we can work with the Professionals exposed.


Do you require Instawork Professionals to be vaccinated?

Generally, we strongly encourage Instawork Professionals to be vaccinated and upload proof of vaccination as a certificate. In fact, the majority of the working Professionals have uploaded their vaccination cards in the app. Instawork Professionals who have not uploaded the certificate complete a health attestation before starting each shift.

What recourse do I have if a Professional shows up without meeting vaccination requirements?

If local/federal mandates require vaccinations OR you have the requirement explicitly stated in your shift details, then the Instawork Professional is not qualified to work your shift. You can then dismiss the Instawork Professional from the shift without pay.

Any Instawork Professional who submits a request for medical or religious accommodation must provide such request sufficiently in advance of any shift to allow for Partner to assess any hardship analysis. Even then, a Partner can determine whether or not they can accommodate an exemption request for that particular line of work.

I need to save a record of every Instawork Professional who has worked a shift with us and their vaccination status. How can I get that report?

We understand that you need to comply with various mandates and may already have a way to record every worker. In the event you need assistance specifically with Instawork Professionals, please contact your account manager for an ad hoc, custom report. We're able to provide that to you once a month when requested.

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