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For regular W2 or 1099 weekly payments: We deposit weekly pay checks every Wednesday for shifts you worked from Monday-Sunday of the week prior. It could take any where between 0 - 72 hours for your bank to notate your bank account of the deposit so you can withdraw the money. Unfortunately, our support team specialists will not be able to check that progress as it is managed by your bank.

If you are eligible for Instapay: You should receive the deposit to your debit card 3-5 hours after you have clocked out of your shift.

Changing your bank account: We recommend for you to make changes to your bank information before the end of Monday so our team can ensure we can accommodate any changes for direct deposits. Changes made after Monday could result in a delay for the deposit to make it to the account of your choice for that week.

Changing your debit card: If you have to update your debit card information for an instapay shift, please complete the update before you start the shift. DO NOT update the debit card after the shift ends, our system could have started to prepare the deposit to your old debit card and you will not see the deposit to your new debit card as a result.

Below are the specifics:

Non-Instapay payments

For payments that are non-Instapay, we send your payment to your bank on Wednesdays every week for shifts worked during the previous week (Monday to Sunday). Your bank will typically take 1 to 3 business days to make this money available to you.

You should see your payment in your account by Saturday at the latest.

If you do not see your payment by Saturday, please contact your bank. It is your bank's responsibility to make your payment available to you in your account.

You can see more details about your payment in the Earnings tab in your app.

Instapay payments

Instapay payments should show up in your account a couple of hours after your clock out of your shift. In order to receive Instapay, you have to:

  • Have a Top Pro status of Silver, Gold, or Platinum

  • Work an Instapay eligible shift with the Instapay icon⚡️

  • Have a valid debit card on file

  • Remember to clock out

As Instapay may be delayed on evenings or weekends due to bank closure, we suggest you wait until the next business day to contact your bank.

You can find out more about Instapay:

I want to change/dispute my hours

If your hours are wrongs, there are two things that you can do:

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