These are the most common reasons that your money does not not show up on your bank account on the date that you expect:

You lost your Top Pro status

In order to receive Instapay, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a Top Pro status of Silver, Gold, or Platinum

  • Have worked an Instapay-eligible ⚡️ shift (W-2 shifts are not eligible)

  • Have a valid debit card on file

If you lose your Top Pro status, that means that you will no longer get Instapay. Not getting Instapay means that you will have to wait until the Friday after the current pay period to see the money show up in your account.

You forgot to clock out

If you forget to clock out, your payment will be delayed. Please make sure to always clock out at the end of your shift.

You got paid a different amount

If you got paid a different payment amount, it may be because:

  • Taxes (taken out of earnings from W-2 shifts) decrease the amount

  • Adjustments decreased the hours that you worked

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