“On-call shifts” are created to better connect Instawork Professionals to last-minute shifts.

When you sign up for an on-call shift, you’re saving a business from being understaffed due to last-minute cancels. In return, you’ll receive a guaranteed minimum earning per on-call shift.

Note: On-call shifts are only available in selected pilot cities at this time.

How does it work?

Prior to booking an on-call shift, we’ll let you know the type of shifts you may be matched with, including

  1. the type of position

  2. the date and time window of the shift

  3. a specific time window when you may be matched with a shift, which is at least 4 hours before the shift starts

  4. the maximum travel distance from your home (so make sure you have the correct address 😉 )

  5. the minimum income you’ll receive even if you don’t get a match or if the shift pays less

During the specified shift match window, Instawork will automatically match you with a shift that fit the agreed criteria. You don’t have to book the shift manually, and we’ll notify you through a text message and push notification. You can find the shift details under the “My shifts” tab. Now the shift is yours! Just be prepared, show up, do a good job, and get paid.

What happens if I can no longer work the on-call shift?

Before you get matched to a shift

If you booked an overlapping shift on Instawork, your on-call shift will be cancelled automatically with no penalty. It’ll not be counted as an urgent cancellation therefore will not affect your account access or Top pro status. But you’ll not receive the minimum income for the on-call shift.

After you get matched to an actual shift…

We’re sorry that you cannot complete the on-call shifts. Life happens and we totally get it. Just be empathetic and cancel the matched shift as soon as possible.

Given there are less than 24 hours from the shift start time, our normal platform policy (urgent cancel or no show) will apply. You also won’t receive the minimum income.

Do I need to apply for an on-call shift?

No application is needed. You can simply opt in if an on-call shift is available.

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