On-call payment

When and what to expect with your on-call payment?

Written by Sasanka Katta
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First of all, thank you for staying on-call and saving a business from being understaffed! Now let's figure out which payment scenario applies to you.

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Scenario A: I've stayed on-call but did not get matched to a shift.

You'll receive the minimum on-call payment as a bonus. Like other bonuses, it will be deposited into your account with other payments on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, bonuses are not eligible for InstaPay.

Scenario B: I've worked the matched shift through on-call

  • Scenario B.1: My shift pay is equal to or more than the on-call minimum payment
    Awesome. You'll receive the shift pay as usual.

  • Scenario B.1: My shift pay is less than the on-call minimum payment
    In this case, you'll receive two payments: the normal shift pay + a bonus for the difference which will be deposited in your next weekly payout.

Scenario C: I've opted out of the on-call shift

We're sorry to hear that. However, when you've opted out of on-call for any of the below reasons, you'll not receive the promised minimum payment:

  • You've cancelled the on-call shift yourself

  • You've been automatically removed from on-call due to an overlapping shift

  • You didn't show up or cancelled the matched shift through on-call (normal platform policy will also apply in this case)

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