There are many reasons that your card may have been declined, including:

Top two reasons for declined transactions

You used the wrong PIN

If you are not sure if you used the correct PIN, you can call Visa Toll Free Number 833-333-1098 to reset it. Using the wrong PIN three times will cause your card to be locked. If you believe your card is locked, click on the X on the upper left corner and choose "Talk to a person" to request your card to be unlocked.

You exceeded the limits of your card or your account.

The combined limits for both your virtual and physical card on your account are:

  1. $2,500 for purchases

  2. $500 for ATM withdrawals

You can view additional limits in your Debit Account Agreement.

Other reasons for declined transactions

  1. You entered the wrong CVV number (3 digits security code on the back of your card).

  2. You exceeded the limits of your card or your account.

  3. You do not have enough money in your account balance to cover the transaction

  4. Visa’s system blocked the transaction because it may be fraudulent

  5. Your account was closed

  6. Your have not yet activated your card

  7. Your card was reported stolen

Sometimes, a merchant may be able to process your transaction if you ask the merchant to process your purchase as a “credit” transaction.

If you are still having trouble using your debit card, please contact our support team.

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