Congratulations on getting your Instawork Card!

You will start getting Instapay to your Instawork Card right away.

Here are the 3 things that you can do now to start making purchases, getting cash, and paying bills.

Step 1: Start spending right away in stores and online with your virtual card

You can start spending your Instawork earnings with your virtual card by adding it to your Apple or Google Wallet. You do not need to activate your virtual card, but if you want to withdraw cash at a retail store’s check out, you need to set a PIN by calling Visa at (833) 333-1098.

Step 2: Start earning 2% cash back right away

You can start earning 2% cash back right away when you pay with your Instawork Card (virtual or physical) at gas stations and public transit agencies.

Step 3: Request your physical card

You can do this by going to Earnings > Account and tap on the “Request my physical card” button. Once the physical card has been requested, it will take about 10-14 calendar days to arrive in your mailbox. Ordering a physical card is optional.

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