There are three ways that you can use your Instawork Card to make purchases, get cash, and pay bills:

  1. Use your virtual card (which you have right now in the Instawork app)

  2. Use your physical card

  3. Use ACH direct payments

Using your virtual card

Step 1: Add the virtual card to your digital wallet

  1. Go to the Earnings > Card section of your app.

  2. Find the button to the right of "Reveal card details" and move it to the right.

  3. Enter the 6 digits verification code that you receive via SMS to see your card details.

  4. Go to the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet on your phone to add your virtual card.

  5. When adding your virtual card, you may be prompted to undergo additional verification. For the best experience, choose the SMS verification method.

Step 2: Set a PIN for your virtual card

  1. The virtual card is automatically activated, but you still need to set a PIN if you want to withdraw cash at a retail store’s checkout.

  2. Call Visa at (833) 333-1098 to set a PIN for your virtual card.

  3. Be ready to enter the 16-digit card number, expiration date, CVV code, your birthdate, and your zip code as part of setting a PIN for your virtual card.

  4. You can use your virtual card online right away without a PIN. To use the card consistently in a physical retail store via your Apple or Google Wallet, you must set a PIN.

  5. You can also use your virtual card to make over the counter cash withdrawals at banks that offer this service. You must set up a PIN before you do this.

Using your physical card

Step 1: Request your physical card

  1. Go to the Earnings > Card section of your app.

  2. Tap the “Physical card” button.

  3. Tap the “Request my physical card” button.

Step 2: Activate your physical card and set a PIN (when you receive it in the mail)

  1. Your physical card should arrive in the mail between 10-14 calendar days after you requested it.

  2. Activate your physical card and set a PIN in the Instawork app by going to Earnings > Card > Physical card or calling Visa at (833) 333-1098.

Using ACH direct payments

Your Instawork Card is a debit card and a checking account that comes with a routing number and an account number. This means that you can pay bills with ACH direct payments using your Instawork Card. To access your routing and account number, go Earnings>Settings on your Instawork app.

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