Shift Coordinator Role

What is a Shift Coordinator?

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Shift Coordinators are team members that primarily manage live shifts. They do not have access to view financial information or spend money on the platform.

Please review the table below for a breakdown of each action a Shift Coordinator can perform.


Shift Coordinator

View Shifts

Clock In/Out

Rate Pros

Send Announcements

Call/SMS Pros

Send Pros Home

No show

Manage Hour Disputes

Edit Timesheets

Add to Roster/Block

Update Shift Details

Book/Cancel Shifts
(Create Shifts)

Adjust Pricing
(Improve fill rate)

View Pricing

Update Geofences

Update Company info

Add/Remove Locations

Mark Pros as Hired


Download Reports

Add/Remove Invoice Email List

Add/Remove Payment methods

Add Tips

Add/Remove Team Members

Assign/Change Roles

The video below shows a detailed walkthrough of the Shift Coordinator role through the business app.

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