How is average rating changing?
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We believe your in-app rating should represent all the work you’ve done lately. Just because you had a bad day a few months ago, that shouldn't hang over your head forever. At the same time, you should always get credit for a job well done, and your average rating should reflect your hard work.

Starting in November 2023, we're updating how your rating is calculated to exclude outdated shifts and give more credit for a job well done.

1/ Your rating will only include shifts from the last 3 months

Going forward, your in-app rating will only include shifts completed since the first of the month two months ago.

This can be tricky to understand, so here are a few scenarios:

  • Imagine today is November 14. Your in-app rating will only include shifts completed from September 1 until today, November 14.

    • Tomorrow on November 15, your in-app rating will only include ratings since September 1.

    • A week from now on November 21, your in-app rating will only include ratings since September 1.

  • On December 1, your in-app rating will update. Now, only shifts completed since October 1 will be included. All shifts before then will be excluded, including all shifts completed in September.

2/ More credit for your hard work

We know that Partners don't always immediately reward your great work with a positive rating. Going forward, we're updating how we calculate your average rating to give more credit where it's due.

In most cases, your average rating will increase. You can expect to see your new average rating in the app by November 1.

Q: One of my shifts says "cancelled by business", but I have a rating for it. Is this shift included in my average rating?

Assuming this shift occurred during the qualifying period (the last 2-3 months, beginning on the first of the month), then this rating will factor into your average rating.

You can get a performance rating on any shift that you attend. If you attend a shift and are sent home without pay, you will likely receive a 1 star rating. If you're sent home with pay (usually as an paid extra), you may receive a positive rating from the business.

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