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Instawork Fraudulent Use Policy
Instawork Fraudulent Use Policy
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Acts Constituting Fraud

For Professionals

  1. Creating, sharing or providing access to fake, duplicate, or otherwise improper accounts;

  2. Clocking into a shift when not present and ready to work at the shift location;

  3. Clocking into a shift and then absconding from work duties or leaving the shift location without a valid reason while clocked in to the shift;

  4. Clocking into or receiving payment for the same shift with more than one smartphone associated with different Professional accounts;

  5. Clocking into or receiving payment for concurrent shifts with different smartphones associated with different Professional accounts;

  6. Clocking into shifts with Instawork and other staffing marketplace platform apps at the same time;

  7. Using a profile image on the Instawork platform that does not clearly represent the person associated with the account or presents the image of a different person than the one associated with the account;

  8. Purposely providing a fraudulent or falsified location during a shift using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or any other method;

  9. Submitting false or falsified information or documents in connection with a Professional profile, to support a dispute regarding hours worked or earnings, or for any other reason;

  10. Submitting false or fraudulent disputes regarding hours worked or earnings;

  11. Abusing incentives, promotions or special programs for fraudulent purposes or not using them for their intended purpose;

  12. Disrupting or manipulating the normal functioning of the Instawork platform, including by using unauthorized or manipulated devices, apps, or programs to prevent or circumvent the proper functioning of the platform;

  13. Theft of, or wrongfully obtaining property belonging to Partners or Pros or any other person while on a shift or in connection with a shift;

  14. Cancellations and no-shows not covered under SMC Chapter 8.37.080(C) (i.e., without cause);

  15. Abuse of cancellation with cause under SMC Chapter 8.37.080(C);

Consequences of Violating Instawork’s Fraudulent Use Policy

Violating Instawork’s Fraudulent Use Policy may result in loss of access to the Instawork Platform or shifts made available on the Instawork Platform.

Consistent with the Contractor Services Agreement, you agree that Instawork may temporarily suspend your account or restrict your access to shifts while investigating whether you have engaged in, or your account has been used in, activity that is deceptive, fraudulent, unsafe or unlawful.

We may, in our sole discretion, place a hold on potential earnings associated with suspected fraud and/or restrict your access to shifts until our review of suspected fraud is complete.

Notifying Professional of Fraud

If we are made aware of potentially fraudulent behavior and have adjusted your earnings or restricted your access to the app, we may contact you via in-app communication or email to further assess potential violation of this policy.

Appeal Process

You may appeal Instawork’s determination that you have violated this Fraudulent Use Policy by contacting Support via in-app chat to appeal the decision and submitting any additional documents at that time to support your appeal. We will review the information you submit. The review process typically takes up to fifteen business days, but may take longer. We will contact you via in-app chat once the review is complete, and this final decision is not subject to further review.

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