Earn 5-Star Ratings

What you need to know to get a great rating and earn more money

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At the end of every gig, you'll get to rate the Instawork Partner you worked with, and they will get to rate you. Every gig is an opportunity for you to show off your best work! Here are some tips on how to earn 5-star ratings:

Your first gig! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Smile! Get ready to charm this crew with your friendly disposition. When you arrive, actively seek out your contact. 

  • Don’t wait for them to find you.

  • Clock in using the mobile app.

  • Put your mobile phone away after you have checked in with the manager. Only use your phone during your break.

  • Clock out using the mobile app at the end of your gig. This is how we keep track of your hours!

Have a great attitude
When you arrive at your gig, smile and introduce yourself to your supervisor, and the team! Leave your ego at home. When you work a gig, you're agreeing to be a flexible team player. Stay positive and professional. Remember, you get to rate the Instawork Partner too!

Be professional and respectful
You must be respectful towards your supervisor, their entire team and fellow Professionals. 

  • Do not discuss wages with other staff members or Instawork Professionals.

  • No cellphones during your shift.

  • Be proactive and helpful. 

  • Clean as you go. If you start a project be sure to clean and sanitize your station before you move on to the next thing.

  • Call out “corner” “door” “knife” or “behind” when moving through a kitchen so people know you’re coming.

  • If an Instawork Partner loves your attitude and performance, they can request to have you back for future gigs.

Come prepared
Each gig will have special instructions on what to bring. such as a knife set, sharpies, etc. They also might require a certain dress code like all black, non-flammable chef pants, etc.

Look up the business before your gig to check out their website and menu. You are not expected to have everything memorized but it's important that you have an idea of what you're walking into.

Show up on time

  • Map the route to the gig's location 2 hours before the start time to see if there are any traffic delays.

  • If you’re driving, check to see where there is parking (gig details will specify if parking is free).

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes ahead of the start time so you can familiarize yourself with the area.

  • Use the restroom before your shift starts.

  • Walk into the venue 5 minutes early.

Appearances matter

What to wear: 

  • Clean clothes (no stains), non-slip shoes, light makeup

  • Good hygiene is critical: No body odor or heavy perfume/cologne

  • Hands: Keep nails short and clean, prefer clear nail polish only

  • Hair: Those with long hair should arrive with hair tied back and away from face

  • Remove all dangling jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc.)

Everything mentioned above will impact how an Instawork Partner rates you after your gig.

You'll also have the opportunity to rate the Partner after your gig. We want to make sure our partners are treating Instawork Professionals fairly, so your feedback is important to us. 

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