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How do I activate my account to book shifts?
How do I activate my account to book shifts?

Getting activated is easy, but missing one piece of detail can keep you from being fully onboarded. Here's how you can make it happen.

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Below is a brief walkthrough of the onboarding process to get your account to be active on our platform:

  1. Basic Information: Fill out all your personal information. Fill out all your basic information including first and last name, photo, email, phone number, banking information, and other relevant personal information.

  2. Work Experience: Fill out any and all relevant work experience you have and/or upload a copy of your professional resume. You can enter directly in your profile section in the app.

    1. Hint: even if you worked for other temp agencies, if possible, provide the name of the client company you were working with and the position(s) you worked as.

  3. Position: Select positions you are interested to work. We have a wide range of positions that you can apply for. Some positions require more experience and skill than others (that is why having an accurate history of your work experience is important).

    1. Once your account is active, for most of our positions, you will be asked to schedule a call with our coach. It is a quick call to have to ensure you have a good understanding of the position you've applied for.

Other activities you might want to consider completing to make your profile more standout to our partners:

  1. Recommendations: Make a request for recommendations from people you've worked with, we highly suggest you to get recommendations from your previous supervisors and managers. Once the request is received, it only takes them a few minutes to fill it out, and you’ll be able to see the number of recommendations you've received in the profile section of the app.

  2. Certifications. Our app allows you to upload job-specific certifications to make your profile stand out more. While certifications are not a requirement for you to apply for positions in most states & positions, we do have one requirement for some California-based positions:

    1. The state of California now requires an RBS certification to be uploaded to your profile if you are interested in applying for any of the following positions: event server, bartender, Concession/Stand Worker, Counter Staff/Cashier, barback, and runner.

  3. Quizzes. Complete quizzes for positions you are applying for.

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