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Before the gig starts: 

  • Check the gig location and make sure you have reliable transportation

  • Check the gig instructions and make sure you have the required uniform and tools

  • Familiarize yourself with Instawork’s policy for cancellations, no-shows, etc.

  • Confirm the gig in the app within 48 hours - we will send you an SMS message to remind you.

When you arrive at the gig: 

  • Arrive 10-15 min early and make sure you’re in the right location

  • Look for your gig contact and introduce yourself

  • Take time to change and get ready for the gig

  • Start the gig on the app

During the gig

  • No cell phones

  • Work fast and get your job done

  • Be nice to your co-workers and make connections - you may work together again soon

  • Find other ways to help 

At the end of the gig: 

  • Communicate with the gig contact when you’re leaving

  • If you’re asked to stay longer, it’s ok to do it and you will get paid for the extra time

  • Stop the gig on the app when you’re done

  • Ask gig contact to leave a review for you on Instawork

After gig is over: 

  • Review your hours in the app and make sure they’re correct

  • Leave a review for the Instawork partner in the app

  • Contact us in the app if you have any issues

  • You’ll get paid the week after your gig for 1099 and W2 gigs and a few hours after your gig for Instapay gigs

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