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Why am I only seeing certain gig positions?
Why am I only seeing certain gig positions?
Written by Jacky
Updated over a week ago

At Instawork, we want to ensure that Professionals and Partners alike have the best gig experience possible. For this reason, Professionals will only be able to see positions (such as server, dishwasher, or bartender) for the jobs that they are qualified to work. 

If you have experience in a position that you currently don't have listed in your profile, under the profile section of the app, scroll down to Gig positions in the middle of that page and select the option to add more positions.
Make sure to add all of your previous work experience, request references to vouch for this experience, and take a quiz (for certain positions).

After you've done that, our team will review your account and reach out to you if we have any questions or concerns.

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