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Getting your Certifications for Instawork Hospitality Shifts
Getting your Certifications for Instawork Hospitality Shifts

Information on certifications required to utilize the Instawork platform

Written by Jacky
Updated over a week ago

Some shifts on the Instawork Platform may require certifications.

If you are interested in working shifts that serve or handle any alcohol, you MUST complete online responsible alcohol training and certification or TIPS.

In order to prepare or handle dishes in any way, you will be required to obtain and upload a Food Handlers card.

You can find the certification programs using the links below based on the state you live in.

This is not an exhaustive list, as Instawork is constantly working to expand coverage areas. If you don’t see your state and/or city listed below, please research with your state & local resources to understand any certifications you may need to work hospitality positions in your area.



  • This certification is required for all alcohol serving positions by the state of California



New York


  • NOT required but highly recommended by the state of Texas


Washington, DC

Once you have your certifications, you can upload them in the app to be reviewed by our team.

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