Announcements allows you to send a message to all of the Professionals on that specific shift group. If you need to send a last minute change to the on-site contact, the address (hopefully not too extreme of a distance), or need to upload a map for parking (map, pass, or any other attachment), announcements is great for this. All of the Professionals will be alerted of all changes!

Due note that we don't recommend using this as a way to tell Professionals of a different start or end time. If you do need to change the schedule, please reach out to our support team immediately.

lease see the steps below.

  • In your dashboard, on 'Your shifts', select the shift you wish to either send an announcement or attachment to.
  • On the next window you can send a note, and attach a file to send to your shift group. Add your note and attachment, and click 'Send'.
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