The Instawork Partner dashboard allows you to view and download a number of documents related to your gigs.

Your full invoice list can be viewed by a number of pre-selected date ranges, or a custom range, and then you can export the fully detailed CSV (all individual shifts and Professionals), or by invoices.

Each shift grouping has an invoice, which can also be downloaded. 

To view and export your invoices:

  • Login to your company dashboard
  • Click on 'Payments'
  • Click on specific invoice's blue link to view, and if you would like to download for sending or printing, click the Download PDF button
  • To view or export a range of your invoices, on the Payments main page, click the calendar to select your desired date range and click Apply
  • Click on Export as CSV, and select either the Payment Summary (including individual gig information) or select Invoice details to see only invoices as line items.

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