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Do I earn tips if I work with Instawork?
Do I earn tips if I work with Instawork?

Will Instawork Professionals earn gratuity while working gigs?

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There are two ways Professionals may earn tips while working a shift through Instawork.

Partner Tips

Partners are not required to tip Professionals, but from time to time they may choose to pay a Professional a little extra as an additional bonus (e.g., for exemplary work). In these circumstances, Instawork passes the payments through directly to the Professional.

Customer Tips

There also may be times when a patron or customer of a Partner, particularly in the hospitality industry, leaves a cash or credit card tip for a Pro who provided the customer with service (e.g., mixing a drink as a bartender). Generally, these tips are viewed as the sole property of the Professional, subject to applicable tip pooling regulations. Instawork relies on Partners to provide these tips, which it passes through directly to the Professional.


How and when will my tips be paid?

Tips are paid via direct deposit into your bank account just like your hourly earnings. Generally, tips are paid a few weeks after they are earned and/or reported due to processing time. If you experience a delay longer than 30 days in receiving a tip, please contact our support team.

When are tips entered?
Tips are entered in the app only after the shift is completed. Customer tips cannot be modified or removed once earned.

Where can I see the tips I earned?

You can view your tips in the Instawork app, where they are listed in the Earnings tab. The total tip amount from each shift is listed as a separate transaction. For example, here is the Earnings tab showing total weekly pay that includes a tip from a recent shift right above the hourly pay for the shift:

If you worked a W2 shift as an employee of AWS, you can also see your tips in the Earnings tab on your app:

Total tips paid from all W2 shifts in a given pay period will also appear on your earnings statement, where tips are listed as a separate line item. For example, here is a sample earnings statement showing the tip amount for the pay period:

If you have other questions about tips, please contact our support team.

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