What should I wear?

Attire requirements vary depending on the shift, which will be listed under the shift details in the app.

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You may responsible for bringing your own attire (e.g. black and white bistro, chef attire, kitchen blacks). Certain shifts may supply you with their own, which will be stated in the shift details.

Note: At the bottom of this section we will provide a list of the different work attire needed for the shift you will book.

Prepare your professional attire

You will find detailed instructions on what to wear directly under the location portion of the shift.

Every shift you work is a representation of not only yourself but the entire Instawork community. Unprofessional attire can get you sent home, lower your ratings and your ability to book other shifts. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Shirts and pants should always be wrinkle-free. Logos or prints should not be visible.

  • Pants, shoes, and shirts should not have holes, be burnt, or faded

  • Ties should not be glossy or have patterns

  • Make sure your hair is tidy and groomed, and following Food Handler rules

  • For outside events, you can wear thermals under your clothes to keep warm

Common attire requirements

For any other questions, contact customer service at help.instawork.com.

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