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Whom should I contact with questions about a gig?
Whom should I contact with questions about a gig?

Here are the channels to use to answer any questions about a particular gig.

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There are several ways to get the help you need.

On-site contact for gig details

Once gigs are booked, it’s crucial that you review all the details about the gig (e.g. what to wear, location, special instructions, what to bring, etc). 

If you still have questions, an on-site contact will be listed directly below gig details, which can be found within the app under the tab “My Gigs”.

Note: You will only be given the number to the on-site contacts 24 hrs before the gig.


Once you book a gig, you’ll be able to message other Professionals who are working this gig through. We created Messages to allow you to be a resource to each other. Use it to coordinate carpool, share tips and suggestions, and any other question that your peers might be able to help with.

This message feature only connects fellow professionals working the same gig. Messages can also be found in the Message tab located on the bottom of the app.

For any other questions, contact customer service at

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