What do I need to complete a profile?

Here's what we're going to ask you for during the signup process

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Here's what we'll ask for during the signup process:

About you - we ask for some details about you, including a profile picture, your date of birth, and your home address.

Position Applications - let us know what type of shifts you'd like to work. For a full list of our positions, click here.

Work experience - help us understand where you've worked in the past so we know you have experience and can do the job you've applied to.

References - providing 2 professional references are important for us so we know someone can vouch for you. Getting 2 professional references can speed up the process to get activated on our platform.

Take a quiz - based on what position(s) you selected, we'll give you a short quiz to make sure you know the job. Don't worry...if you've worked in these roles before, the quiz is super easy!

Certificates - depending on the city and position you select, we might require a certificate. These are typically laws that we have to comply with at the state level.  If you are interested in working shifts which serve or handle any alcohol, you must complete online responsible alcohol training and certification or TIPS. In order to prepare food or handle dishes in any way, you will be required to obtain and upload a Food Handlers card.

You can find the certification programs using the links below based off of the state you live in here.

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