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What can I do to start working sooner?
What can I do to start working sooner?

My profile is complete and Instawork is in my city. Is there anything I can do to start working?

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We are so grateful you’re interested in joining Instawork!  

Why is there a waitlist and what is it? Based on the position(s) you selected, we have quite a few professionals in your city that are already working. We take the satisfaction of our active professionals seriously, and we try to keep a healthy balance of professionals and our professionals are getting work!

What can I do? Since we've already received your references, one thing you can do is finish the optional items in your profile. This can help us approve your profile sooner and bring you to the front of the waitlist so you get first access when we get more shifts on our platform. You can also apply to other positions which might have more shifts.

When can you expect us to get back to you? Unfortunately, we can't predict when we can activate your profile because it depends on a variety of factors like new shifts and current active professionals. But rest assured, we will get back to you as soon as we have some openings in your city!

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