What is Health Safety Training?

Every professional on Instawork is prompted to complete a 'one time' Health Safety Training before booking shifts. Read to find out more.

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As we navigate a world health crisis, it is evident that health and safety are the most important priority for everyone. At Instawork, we care about our Professional and Partner community and we are doing our part to ensure that our community stays safe.

In order to ensure we're using best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while working shifts, we now require every Professional to complete a 'one-time' Health Safety Training before booking shifts.

How can I access this training?

Below are the steps to access and complete the training:

1) Go to Profile tab and tap on the new Trainings section

2) Select the Health Safety Training

3) Go through the training content (Video + Web articles)

4) Take a quiz that is based on the training content

5) If you pass the quiz, the training will be considered complete

6) In case you don't pass, you can go back to the training content and then reattempt the quiz after reviewing the content again

What are the benefits of completing the training?

There are many benefits to completing this training:

1) Your public profile will start showing a safety badge to indicate that you have successfully completed the training.

2) Our business partners will also see the safety badge next to your profile on their dashboard. This will give them more confidence and in turn, will get you more shifts.

3) The higher the number of professionals that complete this training, the lower will be the chances of COVID spread during your next shift.

Do I need to complete this training before every shift?

No, this is a one-time training. You do not need to complete this before every shift.

How many times can I take the quiz?

You can take the quiz as many times as you want till you pass, however, all of the questions in the quiz are based on the training content so as long as you review the content carefully you will need just one attempt to pass the quiz.

Why is this training mandatory before booking a shift?

To keep our Professional and Partner community stays safe, we need to ensure that 'everyone' follows the hygiene and safety best practices. There are no exceptions - this is for your own safety and for the safety of your fellow Instawork Professionals.

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