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How do I report an incident on a recent shift?
How do I report an incident on a recent shift?

Steps for addressing issues onsite or on-app.

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Our Community Guidelines, which apply to all users of the Instawork app, reflect our company values and establish a common code for using the platform that helps us achieve our mission. When members of the Instawork community violate one of our guidelines, the Trust and Safety team will take swift action to investigate and respond to ensure the safety of our Professionals, Partners and the communities that they serve.

Reporting an Incident

If you have experienced an issue and would like to contact the Trust and Safety team, follow the below steps to report an incident

If you are in an emergency situation, please dial 911

  1. When possible, notify the on site supervisor or captain of the issues experienced

  2. If warranted, contact local authorities. Instawork cooperates with local law enforcement per our Privacy Policy

  3. Report the incident to Instawork Trust and Safety by completing the form below

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