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Information regarding Instawork's standard guidelines for use.

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Our Community Guidelines reflect our company values and establish a common code for using the platform that helps us achieve our mission. Please take a moment to read our guidelines, as they are foundational in building trust, taking action, and having ownership of our community’s well-being.

Standards for all of us

Focus on our Community

Our platform is people-driven and community-focused. Our guidelines are developed to promote safe, respectful, and productive interactions for Partners and Professionals. By making people our priority, we’re able to create a culturally-diverse marketplace on our platform connecting individuals and experiences. Whether you are a Partner, a Professional, or an employee of Instawork, our guidelines reflect our values and our collective responsibility: without each other, Instawork would not be able to achieve our mission.

Empathy and Continued Learning

In a perfect world, we would not make mistakes. Instawork understands that mistakes happen, and we are willing to learn from them and continue to thrive. One of our core values is empathy, trust, and candor. We understand that you may encounter an unforeseen circumstance, or simply have a bad day. We trust that you’ll make the right decision when necessary, knowing that everyone is impacted. We also believe that your expertise and professionalism in your industry provides a high level of awareness about the importance of behaving respectfully, carefully, and offering the undeniably best service to your customers.

Discrimination and Harassment

We aspire to create economic opportunity for all, not for the few. Instawork has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment. We do not permit discrimination against anyone based on traits such as their age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under the relevant laws. Any forms of harassment including but not limited to verbal, sexual, or physical threats should be reported to Instawork Support immediately and, in some instances, the local authorities. Instawork also prohibits retaliation against anyone who complains of discrimination or harassment.

Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety are critical factors for our success and well-being. It is the responsibility of our community to ensure that we are engaging with each other with integrity and accountability to our individual and collective safety. Preventing safety issues includes but is not limited to:

  • Complying with Federal, State, Provincial, and Local food, safety, and labor regulations.

  • Wearing the appropriate attire for your position.

  • Carefully executing your responsibilities on every shift.

  • Not engaging in violence, horseplay, scuffling, or any activity that may impact the safety of others.

  • Safely handling tools and equipment and avoiding tampering with any work-related materials.

  • Not bringing any firearms or other weapons to shifts.

  • Abstaining from all intoxicating and performance impairing substances.

  • Reporting any illegal activities witnessed during the shift(e.g. theft, harassment).

How we enforce our Guidelines

Having clear guidelines provides the foundation for success. We recognize that every situation varies - if you encounter a situation that needs to be addressed please contact Instawork Support with specific details about your experience, and we will carefully consider your situation and the parties involved. Proven violation of Instawork’s Community Guidelines will result in loss of access to our platform. If you have any questions about Instawork’s policies, please click here for more information.

Standards for our Partners

Create a Welcoming Environment

At Instawork, we strive to connect you with high quality, reliable Professionals without the hassle of having to find them on your own. It is important that we provide a safe and warm environment for Professionals to do their best work. We want Professionals to leave their shifts more excited than when they arrived. We ask that you help Professionals feel welcomed to your location and a part of your team as much as possible.

Industry Best Practices

Please comply with Federal, State, Provincial, and Local food, labor, and safety regulations. The safety and comfort of Professionals working shifts and our Partners' ability to book them is Instawork’s top priority. Any Partner not complying with best practices may be subject to review and loss of access to Instawork’s platform.

Keeping our Community Strong

In order to keep a healthy, strong community, we ask that everyone do their part. Providing appropriate feedback for Professionals and booking reliable shifts is essential to our growth. Properly maintaining your business environment is a critical factor in Professionals wanting to work your shifts and provide the highest quality of service. Please click here for more information about how you can contribute to the strength of our Community.

Standards for Professionals

Professionalism and Being Reliable

Please be mindful that picking up a shift is your commitment to our Partners, your fellow Professionals, and to Instawork that you are going to work the shift. We do understand that life happens and encourage you to cancel a shift as soon as possible when necessary. We take no-shows (not canceling at all) very seriously. Not arriving at your shift as scheduled results in our Partners losing labor needed, and prevents other Professionals in our community from having an opportunity to work. A no-show, or leaving early without permission will result in permanent account deactivation.

Providing Reviews

Instawork values your feedback. Providing reviews and ratings helps our Partners, other Professionals, and Instawork gain insight on our successes and learn from our challenges. Please review the Partner after each shift ends, so we can assess if that Partner is upholding our standards. We also encourage you to notify Instawork Support if you’ve had a poor experience on a shift so we can help you resolve the issue. Per our Privacy Policy, information about the shift should not be shared outside of the Instawork platform. And remember that your communications also reflect your professionalism.

Receiving Reviews

Reviews and ratings on your account are essential and representative of the quality of your work. Receiving feedback impacts future opportunities so it’s important to focus on performing better than ever. Positive reviews and ratings lead to more shifts, higher pay, and alternatively, negative reviews and ratings lead to less access to shifts. We understand that sometimes ratings are not a true reflection of your performance. In that case, please contact Instawork Support so we can resolve the matter.

Respecting Privacy

Please be mindful of sharing details of shifts or Partner information on your social media. You have agreed to keep proprietary business information about Partners confidential. Further, some shifts are private events and require additional Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to be signed prior to working them. Phones are not allowed during shift hours so any images taken may violate Instawork guidelines and could lead to loss of access to our platform.

Misuse of the App

Sharing accounts or impersonating another Professional and creating more than one account on the platform is fraud. As part of Trust & Safety, it’s critical that the person showing up for work is the person on the profile. Any accounts engaging in any fraudulent activity will be deactivated.

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