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Training: How to operate an Electric Pallet Jack
Training: How to operate an Electric Pallet Jack

Learn how to operate an Electric Pallet Jack in a warehouse along with safety measures

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Electric pallet jacks can be even more convenient to use than manual pallet jacks, as the manual motion of jacking up the prongs is done electronically. Many also have a “ride-on” feature that can make it easier to get around a large warehouse.

1. Unplug and Store Cord

Animation showing an electric pallet jack being unplugged.

Your first step for operating an electric pallet jack is to unplug the charging cord and store it away inside the machine. Because they run on electricity, electric power jacks need to be plugged in and charged when they are not in use. There is usually an obvious location to insert and store the length of the cord.

2. Identify the Controls and Lower Prongs

Animation showing the prongs of an electric pallet jack lowering after one presses the down control on the handle.

On the handle of the pallet jack, there should be buttons to control the direction of movement. Push the “down” button to lower the prongs toward the floor. Again, these should be about one to two inches from the ground.

3. Load the Pallet

Animation showing a pallet jack being moved under a pallet.

Next, use the controls to move the pallet jack to your destination. Once you arrive in front of your pallet, use the buttons to maneuver the prongs underneath and all the way through the pallet. Then, press the “up” button to lift the pallet and prongs off the ground.

4. Use the Control Buttons to Move

Animation showing containers being moved on an electric pallet jack.

Once you have your pallet securely loaded, you can use the control buttons to move to your destination. When you arrive, again press the “down” button to lower the prongs and pallet to the floor.

5. Charge the Electric Pallet Jack

Plug the electric cord back into the electric pallet jack when it is not in use.

When done, put the electric pallet jack back as you found it. You will need to pull out the charging cord from its storage area in the machine, and plug it back in so that the electric pallet jack will be ready for use the next time it is needed.

How to operate an Electric Pallet Jack safely?

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