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Getting your shift covered by a friend
Getting your shift covered by a friend

You can ask another Instawork Professional to cover for you so that it doesn't count as a cancellation

Written by Andie
Updated over a week ago

Life happens sometimes and you're not able to make it to a booked shift. Now you can ask another eligible Instawork Pro to cover for your shift, without counting as a cancellation for you.

Covering a shift only works best when:

  1. The other Instawork Pro is active on the app, meets all requirements to work that shift and they're available in that time slot.

  2. You send requests with as much notice as possible for higher chances of getting it covered.

Keep in mind, you’re still scheduled to work unless notified otherwise of a successful shift transfer. Also, there is a limit to the number of shift transfers you can do every 30 days - read more on our limit here.

To get your shift covered, go to the shift in 'Myshifts' section of the app:

  1. Tap 'I can't make it'

  2. Select the option 'Get shift covered'

  3. Enter the name and phone number of your friend or select them from your contact book.

  4. Tap Send request.

  5. We'll let you know if your friend is eligible and send the request.

  6. The shift is transferred upon your friend's confirmation and you'll get notified.

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