If you've been deactivated or suspended on Instawork, you should be able to see the reason when you open the app. You may appeal your account suspensions, cancellations and no-shows on the app for a quicker resolution.

What's the difference between getting deactivated and suspended?

  • Suspended - Your account will be reactivated after the suspension period (24 hours or 7 days) based on the penalty.

  • Deactivated - Account is on permanent deactivation and will not be reversed unless the reason for deactivation is excused.

Some common reasons include:

Did you no-show?

  • Not showing up to a shift you signed up for may lead to deactivation. Always make sure to cancel your shift if you cannot make it.

Did you cancel a shift late?

  • Late cancellation (with less than 24 hours to the shift starting) may lead to suspension and removal from booked shifts

  • Frequent late cancellations within a short period may lead to deactivation.

Did you fail a background check?

  • If you fail a background check, you'll be suspended first.

  • If we don't hear any update after 30 days, you'll then be deactivated.

Were you late to a shift?

  • Showing up 15+ minutes late to a shift more than 1 time in the last 30 days will result in getting suspended.

Were you recently exposed to COVID?

  • If you tell us you were exposed to COVID, you'll be temporarily suspended for 5 days.

Is your profile picture clear?

  • Your profile picture should not have any filters. It should be a clear picture of your face without any sunglasses or hats.

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