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How do I change shift times?

Change the start, end, or break times for your shifts.

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We know that sometimes things come up and you need to change the start times, and times, or break times for shifts. With Instawork, you can now do that directly from our platform without having to call or write in to our support team. Here’s a quick video on how to do it, along with some screenshots below.

A few notes before you get started!

  1. Feel free to change the start, end, or break times.

  2. You can only change shift times for shifts starting more than 24 hours from now.

  3. We allow you to change times +/- 4 hours from the original times entered.

Here are a few screenshots on how to do it.

Find the shift you're looking to edit and click on the blue pencil icon.

Make the shift time changes you need.

Confirm the changes and you're done!

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