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Getting Better Access to Gigs
Getting Better Access to Gigs

How your overall performance rating will impact your access to gigs.

Written by Jacky
Updated over a week ago

While your presence matters, we’ve updated our cancellation policies to be more accommodating to today’s working environment. By focusing on rewarding you for being punctual, reliable, and performing well while working your gigs we hope to provide a more empowering experience rather than penalize you for having an emergency or conflict.

If you're unable to arrive on-time and work a scheduled gig, your profile will not be immediately suspended or permanently deactivated. However, we prioritize access to gigs for consistently reliable Instawork Professionals and having no-shows reported or late cancellations will prevent you from gaining more access to gigs in the future.

Maintaining a high overall performance rating will determine how gigs are dispatched to you, the higher the score, the more access to gigs!

Your overall performance rating is influenced by the following factors:

  • on-time arrivals

  • cancellation rate

  • no-shows

In addition to your number of gigs completed and your ratings from our partners, these factors will directly affect your ability to get better access to gigs.

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