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Trust and Safety at Instawork
Health & Safety vaccination policies for Instawork Professionals
Health & Safety vaccination policies for Instawork Professionals

How to comply with vaccination mandates and other policies

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Vaccination mandates are becoming a more common health safety policy to protect the working community from COVID-19. This article outlines how Instawork can help you comply while working shifts through the platform.

What are the vaccination mandates?

Mandates vary on a local, state, and federal level. Please check your local health safety center on the latest policy. Businesses are also able to set their own vaccination policies.

What can I do to stay working through Instawork?

Partners are responsible for complying with all local, federal, and business policies. If you arrive without the correct work requirements, a Partner can cancel your shift without compensation.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you work your booked shifts.

  1. Upload your vaccination card in-app

    1. Why: Partners can use that certificate to confirm you're vaccinated. It also makes you eligible to book shifts where it's a strict requirement upfront.

    2. How: In your app, go to Profile >> Certifications >> Add certifications. See instructions

  2. Bring your vaccination card onsite

    1. Why: Partners may have a specific confirmation process. Bring a copy of your vaccination card.

  3. Comply with testing requirements

    1. Why: Partners may have onsite testing or require you to get tested within a specific time period.

    2. How: Review the shift detail special instructions for more information

  4. Bring a mask or face covering

    1. Why: Depending on the situation, a Partner may still require you to wear a face-covering while working.


How do I know what is required by a Partner?

Health safety policies continue to evolve. Please stay up to date on the latest in your local area. Also, be sure to read the shift details for any Partner-specific requirements.

The Partner sent me home because I didn't comply with vaccination policies. Do I still get paid?

If the policy is part of the local/federal mandate or stated in the shift details, then it's your responsibility to meet those work requirements. In those cases, a Partner can cancel your shift without pay because you did not have the proper work requirements to complete the shift.

What if I need medical or religious accommodation?

Requests for accommodation should be submitted to You must provide supporting documentation for consideration. Additionally, individual Partners may not be able to support accommodations, so please read shift details carefully before booking the shift.

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