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How Instawork works!
How Instawork works!

Get ready to start earning on your own schedule!

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Welcome to the Instawork family! We’re excited to have you on board and can’t wait for you to start working shifts. Instawork offers you the flexibility to create your own schedule and make new connections at different companies.

We have a variety of jobs ranging from hospitality work to warehousing and picking/packing. This short article explains what you need to do in order to work your first shift as soon as tomorrow!

What you should do next?

1) Create account

Congratulations! You have already created your account!

2) View shifts and complete requirements

  • There are two kinds of shifts on Instawork:

    • Entry level shifts

    • Other shifts

You can check out the shifts available for both these types of positions before providing any additional information to us.

Entry level shifts are for positions which everyone can work. You can quickly complete a couple of one-time requirements such as DoB and profile picture, and book your first entry level shift in the next 10 minutes (we're not kidding). Entry level shifts (if available in your region) can be found in the top section of the screen

Entry level shifts - Instawork

Other position shifts may need you to complete a couple of additional one-time requirements before you can book these shifts as these are positions for which we need to do some vetting. These are generally higher paying shifts compared to our entry level shifts, and you may have to enter your work experience, certificate etc. (may vary by position). Our team will then go through your profile and activate your profile for positions that you qualify for. This typically takes not more than 1 business day. Once your profile is activated, you can start booking shifts. You can find other positions right below the entry level shifts section.

3) Book your first shift

Once you've completed the requirements, it may take up to 1 business day to activate your profile.

Once activated, you can browse through shifts available in your region, and book any shift of your choice as long as you meet the criteria for that shift.

That's it. Follow the instructions mentioned, work your first shift, and start earning!

We are very excited to see you start earning on your own schedule!

Thank you for using Instawork!

For more help/FAQs, please scroll down on the main page in the app, and go through the FAQs section!

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