Instawork's mission is to create economic opportunities for Professionals and Partners alike, and we understand the impact on a Professional’s livelihood when a Partner unexpectedly cancels a shift within 24 hours of its scheduled start. We also understand, however, that unique circumstances sometimes force a Partner to urgently cancel a shift.

To help bridge this gap, Professionals who encounter a shift cancelled within 24 hours of its start will not need to report to the shift location and will receive 4 hours of pay at the scheduled shift’s standard rate, with the following exceptions:

  • Work interruptions caused by circumstances outside the Partner’s control (e.g., COVID-related cancellation or weather-related cancellation)

  • Work interruptions caused by a Partner blocking the Professional within 24 hours of shift start time

  • If the scheduled shift is less than 4 hours you will be paid for the amount of hours scheduled. For example: If the shift was only scheduled for 3 hours and the business cancelled within 24 hours you will only be paid for 3 hours.

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