I shared a shift with my friend who was already active on the platform. Am I eligible for the bonus?

No, only new signups are eligible for referral bonuses. Unfortunately since your friend had already signed up for the platform, the bonus isn't applicable.

How is a share-a-shift referral different from a normal referral?

In essence, they're the same. Referral rewards, expiration dates and working requirements are subject to the same terms as standard referrals.

In fact, your referral does not need to work the specific shift you shared to earn the referral reward. To qualify, they can complete any shift(s) before the associated referral campaign expires.

I shared a shift with my friend, and they signed up. Where's my bonus?

In order to earn the referral reward, your friend needs to complete a certain number of shifts (usually one) before the referral campaign expires. Click here to learn more about Expired Referrals.

I shared a shift with my friend. They signed up and worked. When will I get my bonus?

Click here to learn more about referral bonus payments

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