Why do I have an Onsite Captain? What are they responsible for?

When Partners post large or more complicated shifts, They can request an Onsite Captain to help manage professionals and the flow of the shifts to ensure that the shift goes smoothly for you and our Partner.

The Onsite Captain will be your go-to resource for any questions or help you need before and while at the shift (e.g. Where is parking? How do I check-in?) If you are running late or have other issues (e.g. I need my clock in time adjusted.) that should be shared with the partner, please notify your captain.

What can my Onsite Captain do for me?

  1. Clock In and Clock Out:

    1. If you have an Onsite Captain on your shift, you will clock in by finding the Captain and asking them to clock you in. You will NOT be using codes or any other clock-in/out methods if a Captain is working with you.

  2. Clock In, Clock Out and Break Length Adjustments:

    1. If you need your clock in time, clock out time, or break length adjusted, find your Onsite Captain and request that they make this adjustment for you. This is the only way to ensure that your time gets fixed quickly and accurately.

  3. Provide Shift Information:

    1. If you have any questions at all regarding the shift details (directions, parking, attire) you directly message your Onsite Captain for support.

  4. Provide Real-Time Support:

    1. If you are having any issues with the shift, find your Onsite Captain and ask them for support instead creating a ticket. Our Onsite captain will likely be able to solve your problem MUCH faster than support can. Only create a ticket if the Onsite Captain says they are unable to help with your issue.

What does an Onsite Captain do?

The Onsite Captains top priority is to ensure a smooth running of all shifts while supervising their team of Instawork Professionals and ensuring the shift goes smoothly for you, and the Partner.

  • The Onsite Captain is expected to arrive 30-60 minutes early, locate where to the check in at the gig and introduce him or herself to the onsite contact. The Onsite Captain should also proactively share any insights on parking, traffic or navigating the venue with other professionals on the shift.

  • The Onsite Captain will clock in professionals directly from their app. That means no more clock in codes or other ways of clocking in!

  • When pros need their clock in time, clock out time, or break length adjusted, the Onsite Captain will take care of those adjustments for them in their app, as long as the request is reasonable.

  • During the shift, the Onsite Captain will supervise professionals and provide information to the Instawork team on high performers, low performers and anny issues that may arise.

  • At the end of the shift, the Onsite Captain clocks out professionals, adjusts times as needed and provides feedback on the professionals he or she worked with.

  • After the shift, the Onsite Captain is expected to thank and check out with the onsite contact.

How can I qualify to be a Onsite Captain for future shifts?

Steps to becoming an Onsite Captain include:

  • Book and work as many gigs as possible.

  • Receive collect as many 5 star ratings as you can

  • Ensure your Instawork Profile and Previous work experiences are fully filled out, and

Being tardy, having conflicts with partners and other Instaworkers, and behaving (including your appearance) unprofessionally during on your gigs will negatively impact you qualifying for the Onsite Captain position.

How is a Onsite Captain different from an Shift Lead?

Much like a line cook is a different position from a server, Onsite Captains are a distinct, uniquely vetted position that Instawork partners can order. Onsite Captains have unique responsibilities during the gig, and partners typically expect them to spend 100% of their time managing staff and ensuring the event happens according to plan.

Alternatively, a shift lead is not a unique role, and shift leads are not booked by Instawork partners. On large or more complicated gigs, the Operations team will select or assign a professional to be the shift lead. While the lead does have additional responsibilities, they will work the gig in their assigned role. (e.g. A line cook shift lead will work in the kitchen during the gig.)

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