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Working with an Onsite Captain
Working with an Onsite Captain

Helping Pros Understand what an Onsite Captain is and what that means for them

Written by Brett Camacho
Updated over a week ago

Why do I have an Onsite Captain? What are they responsible for?

When Partners post large or more complicated shifts, they can request an Onsite Captain to provide logistical support and facilitate the flow of the shifts so it goes smoothly for you and the Partner.

What logistical support do Onsite Captains provide?

  1. Shift Information:

    1. Because an Onsite Captain is expected to arrive 30-60 minutes before shift start time to find the clock-in location and onsite contact, the Captain can share with other Professionals in the shift group any insights on parking, traffic, or how to find the check-in location.

  2. Clock In and Clock Out

    1. If there is an Onsite Captain on your shift, the Captain will facilitate clock in and clock out instead of having Professionals clock in and clock out using codes.

  3. Time Adjustments:

    1. If you need your clock-in or clock-out time or break length adjusted, ask your Onsite Captain to enter the request or submit it for the Partner’s review.

  4. Real-Time Support:

    1. If you encounter any issues on the shift, ask your Onsite Captain for help; based on their experience, they may have an answer. Only write in to Support if the Onsite Captain says they are unable to help with your issue.

  5. Shift Feedback:

    1. The same way you can provide feedback on other Pros in your shift group, Onsite Captains provide feedback as well.

  6. Wrapping Up:

    1. After the shift, the Onsite Captain touches base with the onsite contact.

How can I become an Onsite Captain for future shifts?

To qualify as an Onsite Captain, you should work as many shifts as possible, earn 5-star ratings, and ensure your Instawork profile is complete, especially your previous work experience.

Note that arriving late to shifts, failing to meet the Partner’s requirements, getting low ratings, and engaging in any unprofessional conduct or violations of Instawork’s Community Guidelines will make it less likely that you qualify to be an Onsite Captain.

How is an Onsite Captain different from an Shift Lead?

Onsite Captains are a distinct position that Instawork Partners can request for their shifts. Onsite Captains have unique shift responsibilities related to logistical support, and Partners typically expect them to spend 100% of their on-shift time facilitating the shift.

In contrast, a Shift Lead is not a unique role, and Partners do not book Shift Leads. Instead, on shifts with many Professionals or a complicated venue, the Instawork Operations team may choose to open up Shift Lead positions to Professionals. While the Shift Lead does have additional logistical responsibilities, they still have responsibilities associated with the position they booked (e.g., a line cook Shift Lead still works in the kitchen during the shift.)

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