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Long-term staffing
Written by Olivia Clark
Updated over a week ago

Long-term staffing

What is Long-term staffing?

For Partners who need a longer commitment, long-term staffing connects you with Professionals (Pros) looking to accept upfront a series of ongoing shifts lasting at least 30 days.

How is Long-term and short-term staffing different?

There are are four core differences:

  • Consistent, committed Pros

    • Pros who commit to long-term staffing agree to pick up all of the shifts or none at all. These Pros also go through an additional application process for long-term staffing to ensure they are willing and able to commit for the entire time you need them.

  • Minimum 5 days lead time

    • In order for us to help match you with Pros who will best fit your longer-term requirements, you’ll need to post long-term shifts at least 5 days before the first shift starts. This allows Pros time to complete the application process. While 5 days is the minimum, we recommend a lead time of 7 days or longer to get the best possible fit and fill rate.

  • Pros can request up to 3 days of unpaid leave per month

    • Long-term doesn't mean inflexible, and we recognize that sometimes life happens. Once a Pro starts working with you, they can request up to 3 shifts off. These are known as ‘excused absences’. You'll have 3 days to approve or deny these requests, after which they are automatically approved.

  • Pros will not be removed from your long-term shifts due to issues with unrelated short-term shifts

    • We’ve disabled some of our automatic platform policies so that they don’t affect Pros on long-term shifts. If a Pro is sick or has to call out on an unrelated short-term shift, they will not be removed from upcoming long-term shifts.

When should I use Long-term staffing?

Long-term staffing is ideal for Partners for whom having the same Pros coming in for 30 days or longer is especially important. They are particularly useful for Partners that have seasonal or other demand spikes, are interested in temp to hire, and/or have specific long-term client projects.

In the event that a specific Pro does not work out, if you would prefer to fill the gap with someone as quickly as possible, then our short-term staffing option would be best for you. If you would rather wait a day or two for us to match you with an ideal long-term Pro, then choose our long-term option.

How do I book Long-term shifts?


What happens if a Pro misses a Long-term shift?

Long-term shifts are exempted from Instawork's standard cancellation and no-show policies. We know you have strong relationships with our long-term pros, and this enables you to set your own attendance policies. Therefore, Pros will not automatically be removed from upcoming shifts and their profile will not be penalized.

How do I remove a Pro from a Long-term shifts?

You can block the Pro as normal. This will remove the Pro from all upcoming shifts and prevent them from picking up shifts in the future.

Are Top Pro Booster and Instapay applicable for Long-term shifts?


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