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Workplace Notices - Louisiana
Workplace Notices - Louisiana
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LA - Statewide Publications

Workers Comp English

Workers Comp Spanish

Unemployment Insurance English

Unemployment Insurance Spanish

Timely Payment of Wages English

Timely Payment of Wages Spanish

Sickle Cell Trait Discrimination English

Sickle Cell Trait Discrimination Spanish

Pregnancy Rights of Employees English

Pregnancy Rights of Employees Spanish

Out-of-State Motor Vehicles English

Out-of-State Motor Vehicles Spanish

Louisiana Minor Labor Law Placard English

Louisiana Minor Labor Law Placard Spanish

Independent Contractor or Employee? English

Independent Contractor or Employee? Spanish

Genetic Discrimination Notice English

Genetic Discrimination Notice Spanish

Earned Income Credit English

Earned Income Credit Spanish

Age Discrimination Notice English

Age Discrimination Notice Spanish

Louisiana National Guard ESGR Notice - English

Louisiana National Guard ESGR Notice - Spanish

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