Instawork is rolling out a new method for clocking workers in and out of their shifts: QR Code. In some shifts, workers will see a QR Code option in their screen. When this happens, you can clock your workers out through two methods:

Method #1: Numeric code

You can give your workers the numeric code to clock in/out just as you already did before. If workers have any questions, the numeric code option is right under the QR code, as seen in the image below:

Method #2: Scanning the QR code

To clock workers in/out through the QR code, you need to have the Instawork mobile business app downloaded. You can download it by clicking on this link. To clock pros in through this method:

  1. Open the Instawork mobile business app

  2. Press "Live Shifts" in the lower-left corner of the app

  3. Press "Scan"

  4. Scan the worker's QR Code with the in-app camera

  5. Press "clock in"

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